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  • 2019.12.09
  • London Fashion beyond
London fashion is well-known through its Fashion Week but London trends are much, much more…
It is not easy to talk about the trends in a city like London in just one blog. In fact, there are entire blogs and magazines dedicated to fashion in the capital of England.
The city counts about 9 million inhabitants only in its central areas.
In total, counting even the suburbs, around 15 million inhabitants are estimated to live and work there, showing all the characteristics of a sprawling city.
A population that continues to grow exponentially year after year.
And the reasons are clear: the beauty of a city rich in history and charm, with the greatest job opportunities, easily reachable from all over the world with its 5 airports, where there are many places to visit.
The presence of specialized fashion schools, among the best in the world, which host the best fashion designers in the world and European headquarters of the best fashion houses in the planet. And last but not least, London is the European capital of urban style and punk style, but in general sees a mix of interwoven styles, like the many cultures and ethnicities present.
Avant-gardist, revolutionary, non-conformist: London was the fashion capital even before its fashion week existed, before influencers, youtubers and trendsetters could be found on Instagram. Home to the coolest clubs and the best rock music bands, the British capital has never stopped setting trends and the London look continues to be an undisputed model from which to draw inspiration.
I did some research just for fun and this is what I found out to be trendy at the moment in the city (thanks to the help of my girlfriend and friends):

- The satin skirt
shiny and flared, yellow, green, white or in any shade of pink or printed with abstract motifs. It is worn with boots with high leggings or with sneakers.

- Tortoise accessories
From hair clips to very trendy hair bands from the 90s: the tortoise fantasy is on all London accessories. Hoop earrings, bracelets, belt buckles, sunglasses frames and shoppers.

- Camel coat
Having paused at faux fur in the 70s, the alternative is always just the camel coat. Double-breasted or with a belt to be tightened at the waist: the slightly oversized beige coat is the elegance made for outerwear. To be work with jeans, evening dresses or complete for the office.

- Winter boots
Every girl in London lately doesn't seem to be able to do without it: thanks to the low temperatures, the winter boots are becoming very popular in the capital of England becoming the cult footwear of the season. Rubber or combat style are to be worn every day.

It is estimated that in London, the majority of women dedicate their free time to shopping as much as they spend time reading, listening to music and surfing the internet.
Based on my research, on average, more than 100 million pounds are spent each during the two weeks of the fashion shows alone.
The Global Language Monitor voted London as the capital of world fashion for the second year in a row and it has been estimated that the British fashion industry employs over 900,000 people becoming the largest industry on an artistic and creative level for number of employees.
British consumers spend about 50 billion pounds a year on clothing and most Londoners pay attention to what they wear and choose brand names.
If you are passionate about fashion, you should know that London is one of the richest and most extravagant cities in the world!


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