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  • 2020.11.12
  • The New Generation of Entertainment in London
Times are tough.
The vaccine being developed in the laboratories of the Jenner Institute of the University of Oxford has become one of the most concrete hopes for eradicating the coronavirus.
Its history is a strange combination of money and scientific research, it is a sort of marriage of interest between the scientific intentions of the Oxford University, which has 900 years of history and which has publicly financed anti-Covid laboratory research and the pharmaceutical industry.
In other words, it is a strange union between the need to combine the lofty ideals, the noble sentiments of university research with the profit-oriented ethics of the pharmaceutical world.
We are all hoping for a vaccine now, whether we will personally decide to do it or not.

For now, at least in the UK and even more so in London, we are staying home as much as possible and avoiding crowds.
Sadly even the Londonist, a website which regularly published about events, trendy restaurants and new pubs, decided to take a break and with it social life, concerts, shows and entertainment.
The entertainment industry is indeed the field that is suffering the most from this crisis with tourism in second place.
London has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, with big institutions and independent venues closing and events being postponed and cancelled to ensure safety.
I’m a fan of entertainment and travel but I’m trying to find new ways to enjoy my city and life in general during these uncertain times.
Being stuck indoors self-isolating in fact doesn’t mean the fun of going out has to stop though.
While we may not be able to go out freely, London’s brilliant and resourceful performers and artists are now bringing the fun to you.
There are tons of live-streaming events, workshops and online festivals, with more and more being announced.
These streamed events are also a great way to support and donate to people in the entertainment and hospitality industry who are facing very hard times.
The Royal Opera House is showing online ballets online on live-streaming for instance, many local gyms are proposing aerobics and other lessons online so one can work out from home, many museums are sticking to their planned exhibitions by offering them online in a 3D visit.
Such events usually come for a fee but, at times, they also accept donations.
Theatres and theatrical companies are opening up their digital archives: right now you can probably see more theatre shows, dance performances and operas, from your living room than you could watch in a year by going out and about in London.
From paid-for streaming platforms to YouTube streams, there’s a huge amount of stuff to see.
Halloween is approaching and certainly this year, given the period we are experiencing, everything will be sadder (and with the curfew at 10pm!) so we have to say goodbye to mega fancy dress parties, but the English capital cannot give up, albeit in a small way and in compliance with anti-COVID-19 regulations, to a bit of a horror and fun atmosphere.
Most of my friends are saying that this October 31st will be more in the name of horror films watched at home than themed parties, but there are other ways designed to celebrate the best English traditions for Halloween 2020 (even during the day).
Open during the day and following all regulations but still offering a special atmosphere are the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and the Harry Potter Studios for example.
The Tower of London hides a thousand treasures other than stories of conspiracies and ghosts; the Hampton Court Palace was the most famous residence of Henry VIII and it is a perfect place for Halloween because among the halls of the palace you can relive the life of the court, guards and courtiers, events and stories; the Harry Potter studios has the Forbidden Forest that hides all the monsters of your nightmares.


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