• 2020.11.26
  • COVID-19 Regulations and the oasis in the parks
Here in the United Kingdom, on Thursday November 5th new national restrictions replaced the local COVID-19 alert measures and now we must not leave or be outside of our home except for specific purposes.
Such specific purposes include:
1. Work and volunteering
2. Essential activities
3. Fulfilling legal obligations
4. Education and childcare
5. Medical reasons

1. Work and volunteering mean that you can leave home for work purposes, or to volunteer if you cannot do this from home.
2. Essential activities mean that you can leave home to buy things at shops which are allowed to be open.
For example, one can go out to buy groceries or medicine, or to pick up any items - including food or drinks - ordered for takeaway or to use essential services such as the bank or the post office.
3. Fulfilling legal obligations means that you can also leave home to fulfil legal obligations, or to carry out activities related to buying, selling or renting a property for instance.
4. Education and childcare mean that you can leave home for training, courses or supervised activities for children that are necessary to allow parents to work or that are necessary for adults for their careers or to seek work.
Parents can still take their children to school, and people can continue existing arrangements for contact between parents and children if they live apart.
5. Medical reasons obviously include all sorts of medical appointments, procedures and emergencies and veterinary services.
You can also leave home to visit someone who is dying or someone in a care home (if permitted under care home guidance), hospice, or hospital, or to accompany them to a medical appointment.

Furthermore, it’s possible to visit parks and green areas using social distancing and it’s also possible to practice individual sports alone if you keep a distance from other people.
I’m currently working remotely from home so I really need to breathe some fresh air and be outdoors and these are my favourite parks at the time being:

- Saint James’ Park
It is one of the most beautiful parks in London, it is located in the City of Westminster, just steps away from Buckingham Palace. It is the oldest of the Royal Parks and it houses a lake with two islands, Duck Island and West Island.
The bridge over the lake is on the axis between the Foreign Office and Buckingham Palace and it allows you to observe the alignment of the trees and fountains between the two buildings.
The park is also a large animal reserve and it is suitable for bird watching. Among the numerous species, ducks and pelicans.

Saint James’ Park

- Holland Park
It is probably one of the parks with the most lush and colourful vegetation in the capital especially now during the Autumn.
In normal times there are areas equipped for playing football, golf, cricket and netball too.
In addition to the English gardens, the park has a peaceful Zen garden and a small waterfall with a Japanese-style garden.
It’s the perfect place to regenerate the body and the mind while being in the city centre because it is an oasis of peace.
- Victoria Park
Victoria Park is London's first public park.
Although it is less known than the centre's parks such as Hyde Park or Richmond, it is an oasis of peace and natural beauty very much appreciated by Londoners.
Familiarly called ‘Vicky Park,’ it is situated near Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Inside Vicky Park you can find many areas dedicated to sports and it is particularly appreciated by families too.
I hope they won’t close the parks too because I think that the mental wellbeing is just as important as the physical one.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park


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