• 2021.12.10
When we think of films, we think of Hollywood but, when we say English films, what immediately comes to your mind are the sweet comedies like Love Actually and Notting Hill, or even Harry Potter.
But British cinema isn't all about light romance, comedy and wizards straight out of Hogwarts.
In fact, since the early days of British cinema production has always been incredibly diverse, producing horror, war, comedy, realism and good old films. catering for all tastes.
For decades, British cinema has been subjected to the strictest censorship laws in the Western world which prohibited the development of films of real interest to adults.
However, during the 1970s, social progress allowed for the creation of excellent British adult films by high-quality directors such as Russell.

But if you have ever dreamed of visiting the locations that have hosted the shooting of your favourite films and you can’t travel to the USA, here in London you will find many of these locations.
London is an incredibly fascinating city rich in history, a metropolis where you can find everything and which over the years has hosted numerous film productions. From the many films shot in London in many cases thematic itineraries have been born that have made the fortune of tour operators.
A city hosting a successful film industry in fact often guarantees a good return in terms of tourism.
Of course there are a thousand reasons to go to London, the city has so much to offer that you could come back several times a year and make a different trip each time.
The Thames and the Big Ben can be found in many films, but without water, as it appeared in “The Fantastic Four”, you will certainly not see it!
Perhaps the film that has given rise to a real phenomenon of cinema tourism was “Notting Hill” and its famous blue door was sold at an auction.
What about William Thacker's bookshop? It does not exist, instead you will find only a furniture store.
However, just turn the corner and a real travel bookshop awaits but since markets are my passion, how can I forget the scene in which Huge Grant strolls among the banks of Portobello Road? A tour of the famous market is an unmissable stop!
We also find Huge Grant in another market in Lodra, the Borough Market, a film shot in London of the oldest in the city.
This is where he gets into a fight with Colin Firth, in the film "Bridget Jones's Diary". A stone's throw from the market, on Bedale Street, just above The Globe pub, is Bridget Jones's apartment.
In the sequel “What a Mess Bridget Jones” the two punch each other again, but this time in Kensinton Garden.
The gardens made famous by Peter Pan.
Walking through the avenues you will meet him playing the flute surrounded by many children, it doesn't matter if it's just a statue!
With your thoughts you will undoubtedly go to the scene from the Disney cartoon in which the eternal child flew lightly around Big Ben.
It is a darker and more gloomy London that told in the film The True Story of Jack the Ripper, set in the city's seedy alleys.
This London too fascinates, however, and there are many who want to walk the same streets in which the fearsome murderer acted.
And for those who are really passionate about the history of London's most famous serial killer, there is also a museum dedicated to him that offers a path that is divided into 6 floors and that truly takes you into the world of Jak the Ripper.
Among the films in which the city is the protagonist there is certainly Mary Poppins, even if this is not exactly one of the films shot in London.
For Mary Poppins London was recreated in the studios, from St. Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, the Royal Exchange in Westminster, the famous abbey, the real one, we find it instead in the film The Da Vinci Code.
St Bartholomew's Church is one of the most beautiful in London and is located near the Smithfield Meat Market. This Norman church built in 1123 will certainly tell you something: these dark stones, these vaults, this dark light. you have seen them in many films including "4 weddings and a funeral" and "Shakespeare in love"!

Tower bridge – lara croft tomb raider

The Eye – James bond 007

Portobello Road – Notting Hill


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