• 2016.01.29
  • Victoria Park
Although Berlin is the capital city, it is also rich in greenery. It has a public green space ratio of 12,5% which is higher compared to other cities. In Berlin there is a park that is not particularly large but what I consider on of my favorites, the Victoria Park, located in the district of Kreuzberg.

The administrative district to which this park belongs to is Kreuzberg and there is a small hill inside which is called Kreuzberg, literally meaning cross hill. Despite being only 66 meters high, Kreuzberg hill is the highest spot in the inner city, since Berlin is very flat. At the foot of the hill spreads a wide meadow. On a warm sunny day the park quickly fills with people seating here and there. Additionally there is an animal enclosure with rabbits and goats that is very popular among children. By following a winding path or walking over the rocks of a stream you can reach the top of the hill.

In this park constructed on romanticism ideals the waterfall can be considered the highlight of the park. The waterfall is modelled after the Zackelfall in the Krkonose Mountains, called Riesengebirge in German. Hermann Mächtig, who had worked in several parks in Berlin, originally planned to create an artificial cascade however a natural looking waterfall was completed in 1894. The waterfall flows throughout the year with the exception of winter, when the water freezes.

2_0001 The waterfall and stream in winter. The monument can be seen on the background

At the top of Kreuzberg hill, right behind the spot where the waterfall gushes forth, is a national monument. The monument designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel in 1821 depicts the battles of the liberation war against Napoleonic rule. Schinkel was an architect of the Prussian kingdom who left behind many works throughout Berlin that can still be seen today. It was ground-breaking to build a monument from iron cast back in is days. The name of the hill, Kreuzberg, derives from the cross-shaped monument. 

The national monument

However, most people come here for the view rather than for the monument. From the top of the hill you can have a view over the entire city of Berlin. The sunset seen from this spot on a summer day is in my view quite beautiful.

Kids having fun in the snow

From people walking their dogs, enjoying a family picnic, playing djembe or jogging, to  those who sunbathe in summer or the kids who play with sleds in winter, both locals and tourists can have fun at Victoria Park.


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Although I was born and raised in south Germany, I’ve been living for about 10 years in Berlin where I also work as a tour guide. In this dynamic city there is always something to discover.

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