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  • 2018.07.11
  • Bachelorette’s party traditions in Liguria…
The bachelorette or hen party has been a rite of passage for brides-to-be for a few decades now and it is a constantly evolving custom, linked to the fashions of the moment, which has been transformed and renewed over time to become a real trend among couples of future spouses.
But how have bachelorette parties changed over time in Liguria?
Leaving aside the old clichés, who sees an all-muscle man coming out of a huge cake to surprise the bride-to-be, today the bachelorette party is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with friends and have a fun party, full of gadgets, funny surprises, improbable jokes, some entertaining games and embarrassing situations.

Gadgets are essential

Nights out dancing are, in fact, being gradually replaced by parties with excellent food and drinks, good music to enjoy life and laugh together.
But what is the origin of this ‘imported’ tradition?
The modern concept of bachelorhood has its roots in England, where high society boys used to spend an evening in company devoted to pleasures, just before getting married. Today, however, has become a widespread tradition among women, for whom this party, at times transgressive and cheerful, but never vulgar, has become a real event, a personal and dedicated moment, a break from the tension of the wedding, which sometimes proves to be stressful.

The bride-to-be

In Italy it is usually the bride's dearest friend and maid of honor who takes care of organizing the bachelorette party.
The bride-to-be would officially entrust her best friend with the organization of her party (so it is not a surprise but the bride is unaware of what is being organized for her special day) upon delivering her the save-the-date wedding invitation.
Some opt for a simple but effective party but there is a lot of pressure when it comes to organizing a bachelorette’s party because the future bride expect it to be the most entertaining party to which she has ever been invited to, the day when bridesmaids, relatives and friends get together to celebrate her and offer her the best time of her life (before her wedding that is)!

Cars are decorated for the party

It is a way to show affection and above all a good way to distract the bride from the stress of the wedding day and make her feel pampered by the most important women of her life.
Sometimes several friends also get involved in the organization of the day by becoming “accomplices” of the maid of honor and plan tricks and pranks for the ‘bachelorette.’

Sometimes keepsakes are given

The guest of honor often wears a small veil which resembles that of the wedding day, a nice goliardic way to make her feel the center of attention.
Sometimes, and lately not infrequently, the bride's friends organize real trips, long or short weekends to prolong the magic of being all together. From Italy it is not uncommon to travel to Greece or Spain for a weekend of fun for example.
Depending on the taste of the bride, you can even organize a weekend aboard a yacht and in Liguria we have many agencies that offer this service, specialized on this occasion.
The bachelorette party is a tradition now, a beloved and widespread custom to give the future bride nice memories and unforgettable moments.
Also in our region the wedding customs are many, for example in Liguria it is not lucky to get married in September because in the local tradition there is a saying which goes: ‘September bride, soon a widow!’
Some Ligurian brides do not wear pearls on their wedding day because it is said that pearls bring tears. Finally, putting a coin in one of the bride’s shoes should bring wealth and prosperity to the couple.


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