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  • Bergeggi island and its surroundings
Blue sea, secret beaches, uncontaminated seabed and many sea animals: this is the Ligurian coast.
It’s all beautiful but some stretches are more evocative than others. One of them is the sea near the village of ​​Bergeggi, in the Savona area, a few minutes from the town of Spotorno. Here the coast surprises even the most seasoned tourist who, leaving behind the big city and its port, after just a couple of bends on the road, sees the turquoise seafront, the white cliffs and the islet of Bergeggi appear. Whatever the secret of this corner of Liguria, the result is an alchemy that gives a brilliant blue green water, transparent under the rays of the sun, which holds a seabed with a thousand colors, rare even in some tropical seas.
It is a paradise for divers and some tourists come here just for snorkeling or diving here.

Bergeggi island is a paradise for swimmers and divers

The island of Bergeggi is a private islet nobody can visit without a special permit or upon being invited by its owners, but around the island is where the boats stop to admire the sea around it.
Like every summer, the town of Bergeggi renews the appointment with Cinemare, an exhibition dedicated to the seventh art (cinema) that goes on stage directly on the beach, an event which combines the love for cinema with that for the sea. Cinemare is a cycle of free screenings, now in its seventh edition, scheduled every Tuesday in July and August, at the public beach in Bergeggi. The festival is organized by the Municipality of Bergeggi with the contribution of the Ministry of the Environment and the Protected Marine Area of ​​Bergeggi and the exhibition includes movies, animation films as well as documentaries, preceded by interventions by people and personalities who live here and who work with or study the sea.

The beach of Bergeggi becomes an open-air movie theater in the summer

The show in Bergeggi is not just on screen: it is primarily the natural environment that offers the opportunity for a dream vacation. Whether you are an active person or a tourist just looking for a glamorous destination, this small town and its island will not disappoint you.
Starting from the beaches, real corners of paradise, such as the Lido delle Sirene beach, in front of Bergeggi Island. In order to reach this wonderful stretch of sand, you have to go down over 180 steps. It’s a pebbles beach so it’s not extremely comfortable to walk on but its pebbles tending to a black color embellish this bay and its crystalline sea is worth a swim. The historic Lido delle Sirene resort, which occupies a portion of the bay, guarantees all services including a bar and showers. Next to this bay, reachable by sea or by a ladder, there is the “secret” Punta Prodani, an enchanting promontory with typical Mediterranean vegetation.

Lido delle Sirene beach is enchanting

In a few square kilometers around Bergeggi there is a real open-air gym. Almost all water and land sports are available here: canoeing, beach volleyball, windsurfing, snorkeling and diving to discover its depths, but also tours to explore caverns and caves, such as the Train Gallery, a karstic cavity of over 300 meters, reachable with guided tours. Known for its diving opportunities, the Island of Bergeggi is a striking cone of limestone and an ideal place for diving lovers and newbies, with depths rich in marine flora and fauna already at low depths. If you are an expert and you can go deeper, you can also see underwater stalactites and stalagmites and I heard it’s a true breathtaking (hopefully not since you are underwater!) experience. In order to protect this stretch of wild and wonderful coast, the Marine Protected Area has been established years ago and a team of coast guards patrols the area day and night to prevent commercial fishing and other illegal activities.

Punta Prodani promontory

Bergeggi, and nearby Spotorno, are perfect choices for both young people and families. In fact, those who love nightlife, find here glamorous clubs, lounge bars on the promenade and sea resorts that organize dinners, happy hour and DJ nights on the beach. In the evening, many clubs offer the possibility to dine on the sand, buffet style.

The sea is crystal clear in Bergeggi


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