• 2015.07.03
  • Austria’s Truly Amazing Summer
If anyone was to ask me about the best time of the year to visit Austria, I would without a doubt recommend sometime between June and September. Salzkammergut, which lies to the East of Saltzburg, is an area with beautiful lakes, greenery, and mountains, and is like paradise during this time of the year. When people think of Austria, the first thing that comes to mind is either Vienna or Austrian music, however Austrians are very proud of their exquisite scenery as well. The temperature gets close to 30 degrees during the day, but the low humidity makes the heat crisp and dry; the kind of climate that makes you want to drink beer or white wine even during daytime. The evenings are nice and pleasant as temperature drops, however it stays bright even past nine o’clock as Austria follows daylight saving time. With comparatively fewer mosquitos being able to enjoy outdoor meals and drinks is a wonderful experience.

If you would like to enjoy a river cruise on the Danube, the Wachau Valley between Melk and Krems is an excellent choice. Since Krems is famous for their wine production, you can enjoy watching the expanse if vineyards that are seen along the valley while sipping on some delicious local wine. White wine is very common in Austria and Grüner Veltliner and Riesling is often used to make them. The grapes’ smooth texture and its dry fruity aroma makes these grapes very delicious. In fact, white wine goes very well with Japanese food making it a good souvenir to bring back to Japan. If you get off the boat at a wine-producing region like Dürnstein, you can stop by a tavern that serves the year’s most recent wine called Heuriger, and enjoy the white wine with a cold dish called Jausenplatte, which consists of a plate of ham and cheese, with brown bread and cheese spread.



The picturesque scenery of Salzkammergut immediately reminds me of the famous Japanese musical, The Sound of Music. Most Austrians are familiar with the name of the film, but have never watched it. To the foreign eye the beautiful scenery is mesmerizing, however my friend who is native to Saltzburg pointed out some inconsistency with the film saying that, “It just seems so full of contradictions, like with the last scene when they cross the mountain into Switzerland, it should actually be Germany.”


  • Emiko Ogawa
  • JobMedia Art Artist, Curator, Event Organizer

Currently in her 8th year living in Linz, Austria. She works as the Competition Division Manager at Ars Electronica, a cultural agency that organizes festivals for arts, technology, and society. Since coming to Linz, she has gained a fondness for black bread, grilled cheese and taking walks.

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