• 2015.07.03
Lunch time in Hong Kong is probably the most favorable times to eat. We call this “DIM SUM” which basically is a style of Cantonese dumpling prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Most people when they think of eating Dim Sum is Shuima which is a pork dumpling or Har Gow which is a shrimp dumpling. Since I had some family in town today, I had such an incredible time going to one of my all time favorite places in Shatin. The food was really nice, great atmosphere and right next to IKEA and smaller furniture shops which was an added bonus. So, we had some really nice Custard buns fill with hot yolk, the typical Shuima and Har Gow but what I enjoyed the most was their egg fried rice which was light and absolutely tasty. Actually, so tasty we decided to order another dish of fried rice to go! For Dessert we had some nice egg tarts which I have to say they had the best I’ve tasted in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is known for Dim Sum and some places here you can get 24 hour Dim Sum restaurants. So if you are starving and you need a nice place to have dim sum food, there are tons of places in Hong Kong which are open 24/7. However, make sure you bring a sweater because sometimes it gets super cold in these restaurants since it’s blistering hot outside with the humid air right about now and most of the restaurants are blasting the air condition. The food is great in Hong Kong and there are so many great places to eat – but my all time favorite ~ DIM SUM!



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