• 2015.07.17
  • Hong Kong Landscape
In Hong Kong when it rolls around June – July, the weather is super perfect here for photography. The landscape in Hong Kong is incredible with many of the buildings quite old and newly renovated buildings overlapping old architecture.Around this time, there is often rain, sun and clouds through the day and the weather is rather hot. Usually, people are walking around with umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. Anyways, the weather around this time allows for nice natural lighting when it comes to photography.


Hong Kong reminds me so much of the movie Blade Runner. With neon signs everywhere, narrow streets and super high rises, any photographer can catch some unique pictures. Both day and night are great for photography.


Here I have several pictures that I took about a week ago. One my favorite pieces is the one with the high apartment building. It amazes me sometimes how many of these tall apartment buildings there are in Hong Kong. It’s quite artistic when you view it from a distance.



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