• 2015.08.14
  • Hunting for Material
I have to say, looking for material in Hong Kong is not only convenient but the amount of different material you can get here is just plain awesome. Whether you are hunting for European fabrics, leather, chains or buttons, the variety they have here is endless. Most of these materials are in Sham Shui Po on Ki Lung Street between Yen Chow street and Wong Chuk Street where you can buy fabrics straight off the roll.


Pretty awesome all the different types of chains that they have there as well. Around the corner they have an entire street dedicated to electronics and gadgets. So if you are ever in town looking for material, head towards Sham Shui Po and check out the scene!


On my way back heading home I noticed Time Square in Causeway Bay putting up a giant statue of Gundam. One thing I really appreciate about HK are all the giant statues that they build around the city and different shopping malls! Well, that’s all I got for this week! More to come soon ~ Stay tuned.



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