• 2017.01.17
  • Ordnung (order, discipline)
The German word ‘Ordnung’ is the antonym of the word ‘chaos’ and means order, discipline, sequence, or organization. German people have an artisan nature, and their punctuality and diligence are said to be similar to the nature of Japanese people. To Germans, Ordnung brings value to their lives.

Idiomatic phrases:
“There must be Ordnung”


“Ordnung is half of life”


You can imagine Ordnung to be like a tidy desktop, a neatly organized room, smart dress, or a crisp response.

To enforce public order in Germany, there is another public office in addition to the police called Ordnungsamt. This public office strictly monitors issues such as noise problems in the neighborhood, illegal parking, illegal waste disposal, store operating hours, and so on instead of the police. So, order, discipline, and organization are also sometimes stifling to Germans. This proverb means that if you maintain good order half the time, you can enjoy the other half of your life that goes well (thanks to the good order).

This being the case, homes in Germany are all in Ordnung (well-organized) and look just like showrooms no matter when you visit. This is apparently because having a dirty or messy house will make you twice as tired when you return home. Germans have a natural custom of daily tidying up and cleaning to keep their home looking beautiful so they can always feel refreshed.

German cleaning style
The German way is to do a little cleaning every day (e.g. vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the toilets, or wiping down the windows) and then do a thorough cleaning of the room once a week.


Key points are:
– Choose only what is necessary and do not put out anything extra.
– Set a designated place for everything so that you know where to find what you are looking for even with your eyes closed. (Put it away after use.)
– Keep the kitchen, sinks, and toilets clean at all times.
– Recycle or just throw away things you no longer need.

Do the laundry when you have spare time.
– Wash the curtains once a month.
– Wash the bed sheets twice a month.
– Do the ironing.
You can keep your room neat and tidy and live comfortably by choosing only items that match your own lifestyle and keeping the number of items to a minimum.
Go ahead and try taking the example of the German style.

If you do,
Alles in Ordnung!! Everything will be alright!



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