• 2018.07.04
  • Düsseldorf Panoramic Sightseeing Cruise along the Rhine
People love to enjoy short cruises that allow them to take in the beautiful cityscape of Düsseldorf, including the historical town center (altstadt) and the Rheinturm tower, as they enjoy the refreshing breezes off the river.

If you go, I recommend the Weisse Flotte company (weisse flotte means “white fleet”).

The Weisse Flotte boats board at the pier on the Rhine River promenade and take you on a 45-minute sightseeing tour of the city’s beautiful famous spots. The cost is 14 euros, and it includes all-you-can-drink soft drinks, beer, wine, coffee, and tea—so it’s quite a bargain!

You can also hop on an affordable KD Line cruise, which has an hourlong sightseeing tour for just 10.40 euros.

The historical town center (altstadt)

The Rheinturm tower

Luxury residences line the opposite shore at Niederkassel

A panoramic cruise is certainly a great way to see the sights of Düsseldorf, but you should also check for one of the many special events that are often available. Some cruises go all the way to Cologne or Duisburg, for example, or include a fireworks show or barbeque!


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