• 2019.09.18
  • Real Thrills and Adventure! Climbing Trees to Overcome Fear of Heights?!
In the best season for the outdoors (around April to October), a lot of people like going to Klettern (“climbing”) adventure parks in beautiful green woods. From small children (5 years old up) to adults, anyone who wants to take on the challenge of heights and is confident in their physical strength can do it.

Number One: Safety First
1. You firmly secure your lower body with a harness.


2. The harness has two lifelines: the first, the climbing rope, is for attaching a carabiner and the second is for attaching to the pulley. When you move, you always move the carabiner to the spot you’re moving to first, and then you move the pulley, so a rope saver is always attached, and you feel safe. And when you attach the carabiner to the pulley, you can slide down smoothly.

The pulley with the carabiner attached

Courses to Suit Your Level
There are courses tailored to each level, one and a half hour courses for children, and long three-and-a-half-hour courses for adults that let you wander around the tree tops free as a bird.

Children's Courses
These courses are about 1.5 m high, but for the little children, from 4 or 5 to 8 years old, it is very high, and they also have a hard time putting the carabiner on the rope. Some of them start to cry... Their parents anxiously watch from below, hearts pounding.

Beginner's and Intermediate Courses
In Germany, you’re allowed to take on courses with a higher level of difficulty from 8 years of age and 130 cm tall (like roller coasters). Even then, you climb high, so you are always accompanied by an adult, and you can do a course with one or more others. There are courses where instructors will accompany you if a parent happens not to climb with you, so I recommend checking them out beforehand.
You can slide down a cable to a tree far away or you can cross a suspension bridge. Sometimes you come across bicycles and toilets up there. Imagination has no limits.

Advanced Courses
Heights of 12 meters or more are a dizzying sight from below and a huge thrill, even though you know the lifeline is attached. It is no exaggeration to say they are practicing circus tightrope walking.

With Klettern, you learn how to protect yourself.
You get an immeasurable sense of achievement from overcoming your fear, a sense of trust that the safe rope will protect you, moderate muscle strength, and a sense of balance. In particular, I thought it was important for children to have the experience of ensuring their own safety by themselves and achieving their goals.

In Germany, you can do searches with the keywords Kletterpark (Klettern + Park) or Kletterwald (Klettern + Forest), so if you’re not good with heights, why not try starting low down and gradually overcoming the fear of heights.

After a lovely day on our summer vacation we took the time to watch the beautiful summer twilight at a nearby lake.


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