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  • 2018.10.05
  • Taiwan’s Sensitivity toward Environmental Protection and Ecology!Business Exchange Meeting with Taiwan Design Center
This report is not about a location overseas but about an overseas linkage project that took place at Knowledge Capital.

Knowledge Capital currently has linkage partnerships with 13 organizations in 7 countries.
Taiwan Design Center, one of the organizations, visited Knowledge Capital as part of a Taiwanese business delegation on August 27 for a business exchange meeting.
The 17 members from 9 companies in the Taiwanese delegation exchanged information and ideas with the 19 participants from Knowledge Capital. Starting with self-introductions, participants delved into future possibilities for jointly engaging in business.

The Taiwanese companies’ topic was “Circular Design ― Realizing the Circular Economy through Design.”
The themes were sustainability and the re-use of scrap material. “Circular economy” means recirculating products and raw materials in the market for longer so as to extend the lifespan of materials, reducing new products and the use of natural materials, and easing the burden on the environment. While awareness of environmental protection is increasing worldwide and the disuse of plastic straws is starting up, more and more people in Taiwan are now carrying their own re-usable straw. It seems many people carry a stainless steel straw thick enough for tapioca pearls and the like.

One of the companies in the Taiwanese delegation was Ecomax, a company that manufactures eco-friendly textiles. Ecomax recycles plastic bottles, makes cloth from automobile glass and fishing nets dumped in the ocean, and manufactures bags and clothing.

Another Taiwanese company, Plan-b, has started up a project called ParkUp. It’s a project that turns unused city lots of 165 m2 or less into locally-adapted open spaces. It has also received the Taiwanese Good Design Award 2017. Discussions started buzzing when a Japanese company at the exchange meeting took an interest in the project.

The participants on the Japan side were from a wide variety of areas including government, university, IT business, and general business. The various participants seem to have found the exchange meeting with the Taiwanese companies fruitful.

Knowledge Capital is planning to roll out various linkage projects in collaboration with our 13 linkage partner organizations.


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