Featuring a collaborative menu based on the film festival theme

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The communication café offers relaxation and learning.

CAFÉ Lab. on the 1st floor of Grand Front Osaka North Tower has created an original menu based on the film festival theme, Cinema Carnival.

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  • Dates:September 1, 2016(Thu.)~25(Sun.)

  • Place:GRAND FRONT OSAKA North Building 1F

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Created in Japan, this is one of the largest international short film festivals in Asia. Accredited by the American Academy Awards, it was established to introduce the new video genre of short films to Japan through the efforts of the actor, Tetsuya Bessho who is also a member of the American Screen Actors Guild (SAG). It started in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1999. That first year, six short films were screened which were created by the famous director of Star Wars, George Lucas when he was a student. Since then, he has voiced his support for the film festival every year. In 2001, the name was changed to the Short Short Film Festival (SSFF), and it became an American Academy Awards accredited short film festival in 2004. This accreditation qualifies the film festival's Grand Prix winner for possible nomination the following year in an Academy Awards short film category, and made it possible for young filmmakers from Japan to receive an Oscar. In addition, the Short Short Film Festival Asia (SSFF ASIA; cohosted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government) was created in the same year with the aim of sharing new film culture and cultivating rising filmmakers from Asia. Currently, these two film festivals are held under the title, "SSFF & ASIA." Films screened include those in the Official Competition and programs in various categories such as music, environment, and CG animation.

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Osaka Original Plan

SSFF & ASIA Osaka 2016 offers a variety of programs and events!
The program unique to Osaka will include screenings of a special collection of German animation and special Taiwanese collection, and once again this year will offer a new way of appreciating film called EAT FILM that combines food and short films. The first program of the day (10:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.) will give away a different kind of bread each day from Café & Meal MUJI located on the 4th floor of Grand Front Osaka North Tower to the first 300 visitors.
There will also be content-rich talks after the shows given by various guests that audiences can look forward to.

Osaka original plan