• 2019.09.27
  • The Vivid Festival of Music in Sydney
The Vivid Festival of Music in Sydney is one of the most anticipated events of the Australian music scene. Vivid Sydney is the largest festival of lights and music in the country and it has now celebrated over ten years of editions. A particularly rich and spectacular edition was organised in the occasion of the 10th celebratory edition. Australia's most popular city was in fact literally invaded by a spectacle of lights, music, colours and installations. There are many Australians and foreign tourists alike who decide to take a trip to Sydney for that, just to not miss this festival.

But what is the Vivid Sydney show?
Every year, at the end of May, the landmark buildings of Sydney come to life thanks to light effects and interactive projections, designed and created with the aim of paying homage to the global creative industry and art in general.
The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the Town Hall, the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Bay of Sydney are just a few of the festival's protagonists. Here, not only one can find a show of lights and music, but also conventions and workshops on the theme of creativity and innovation hosted at various locations citywide!
The past edition of the Vivid Sydney Festival transformed the Opera House into a digital and dynamic sculpture inspired by the Australian flora and fauna. And it did not end here because hundreds of artists from all over the country and abroad came to perform at the festival which was managed and produced by the New South Wales tourist board.

The event is so popular that in the 2017 edition two years ago the festival reached a record attendance of over 2.3 million visitors: the equivalent of the entire population of Brisbane!
During the three weeks of the event, it is possible to participate in seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings with the most famous Australian exponents of the world of art, innovation and marketing. The Vivid Festival is an important event in which design, technology and business become one.
But it’s not just a serious festival, it is an occasion for everyone, including families to enjoy shows of lights and colours and dance while windows of skyscrapers and the curved surfaces of the iconic Opera House are crossed by lights that also cross the sky from one side of the harbour to the other. Locals flock to the beautiful waterfront restaurants (which are booked months in advance!), or head to the street food stands. Everything is framed by the music that plays from the speakers along the city streets.
It is impossible to be bored or indifferent to these visual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory stimuli!
If you want to enjoy a unique view of the centre that lights up at 6.00 pm, enter the Museum of Contemporary Art and take the panoramic glass elevator to the top floor. You will find a beautiful bar with a huge terrace with panoramic views, which overlooks the city centre.
All this is also completely free!
If you still want to discover something new after walking around the city centre, walk to the Museum of Contemporary Art and reach the markets in The Rocks, which was the first European settlement in Australia! The markets are divided into the narrow streets of the neighbourhood, where the oldest buildings in Australia are found. Here, you can find street food from all over the world, clubs, restaurants of all kinds and musicians who play on stages set up for the occasion. Even taking a simple walk through these streets is an evocative experience that will warm your heart.

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