• 2020.02.06
  • Watsons Bay
Since I do not originally come from Sydney, my discovery of this city goes on with a preference for walks by the sea. After my first favourite hike to Bondi Beach which I mentioned in my previous blogs, I went this time a little more to the north to explore the beautiful and peaceful Watsons Bay.
It is a short walk really and it’s called the South Head Heritage Trail.
Leaving the ferry on the left is the small beach of Watsons Bay, which I love for its small restaurants where you can almost put your feet in the sand. The seafood here is simply amazing …
To reach the start of the trail, you have to walk along the beach before going up and finally turning left onto Cove Street to reach a small park which overlooks Camp Cove beach.
The trail begins at the other end of the beach.
Camp Cove is a beautiful little family beach with turquoise waters that offers exceptional views of the Sydney skyline. I started dreaming in front of its multi-million-dollar villas in this little corner of paradise …
The start of the trail offers extraordinary panoramas of Sydney. I enjoyed stopping there simply to admire the view and to enjoy a moment of serenity. It’s also a great picnic spot if you like to eat in the sun.
I quickly reached Lady Bay Beach. It's a real paradise! Unfortunately, it is a nudist beach where dozens of people strut their naked bodies and show off in front of a crowd of somewhat shocked tourists.
I finally reached the South Head for breath-taking views; on one side over Sydney and on the other over the cliffs and the majestic red and white lighthouse.
Although strikingly beautiful, Watsons Bay is first and foremost a place steeped in history. Fortifications were erected there in the 19th century to defend the port of Sydney. They were reinforced during the two world wars that followed. Along the trail, you can still see traces of artillery, fortifications and there is also one of the cannons from that time.
When you look at the location of Watsons Bay on a map, you can better understand why it is a strategic point in the event of an attack since it is at the entrance to Port Jackson (Sydney Harbor).
There are different places where it is worth to watch the sunset here.
Accessible by train and bus, I prefer to take the ferry from Circular Quay (right next to the Opera). This allows me to take a nice stroll on the bay and to see the Opera House from another point of view. In addition, it is really inexpensive.
There are a few trendy restaurants and bars with a festive atmosphere and pretty well-kept beaches. I was told that it was better than Manly because there are fewer people and I confirm that it was far from being too crowded.
The view of Sydney is splendid and there is also a nice walk to do to see the cliffs and the lighthouse.
In my opinion, Watson Bay is synonymous with tranquillity. I love this area and its calm vibe. It is very difficult to hear loud noises here, there is no traffic, people are calm and relaxed.
It is basically a nice mix between tourism and local people, small restaurants and bars.

I came here to read and for a swim because the waters of this beach are calm and not rough and I liked to stay until sunset, to admire the spectacle of the Sydney skyline illuminated by the red colours of the evening.
Watsons Bay looks like a small world in itself, an oasis of peace while not being far from the city. Already at the dock of the ferry you can perceive a relaxed and holiday atmosphere, with restaurants with striped tents and inverted boats on the beach.



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