• 2020.06.17
Known as Harbour City, Sydney is famous for its beautiful coast.
Now that the contagion is slowing down, the Australian government is reopening some beaches and walks in nature are now a must do.

A walk on one of its urban trails will allow you to see a different side of the city. Urban trail tours are possible through an app you can download on your phone to cross and discover the hippest areas of central Sydney, (once) stopping at art galleries, art studios, shops and bars. Unfortunately, urban walks now do not offer much although Australia is slowly opening back up to business, but the app also offers trails in the outskirt of Sydney other than the common Manly walk.
When it comes to walks by the sea, there is nothing better than the path from Bondi to Bronte. The walk from Bondi to Bronte is a favourite destination for locals; it starts on Notts Avenue and it brings you close to the coast to admire the ocean’s blue waters, the white waves crashing on the rocks and the golden sand as you walk along the coastal cliffs. You can’t miss two iconic public pools along the way: the Bondi infinity pool and the public baths. Every year at the end of the Australian Summer, the path from Bondi to Bronte becomes the largest free art exhibition in the world, with a huge artistic installation of sculptures by the sea scattered along the coast and open to the public (and therefore free of charge). This walk is also an excellent starting point for exploring the beaches of Sydney's eastern districts, including Coogee Beach.
It is a good time now to take a walk in nature because that way you can keep the social distance and, at the same time, you can enjoy the outdoors and avoid going bananas at home.
Another of Sydney's best walks is the Spit Bridge walk which winds its way through a mix of secluded coves, lush bushland, rocky coastline and empty beaches (especially now).
The trail starts from the Manly Wharf then it reaches Dobroyd Head and Fairlight Beach before crossing the Sydney Harbour National Park and then it gets to Clontarf Reserve (a great place for swimming) and finally reaches Spit Bridge. From here, you can take a bus back to the city centre. The walk takes about three to four hours, so it’s fairly long.
The Rocks is Sydney's most historic district and was originally a prisoner settlement. Also, here you can take a self-guided walk using the app and go through the area's historic buildings and cobbled streets, or you can discover the history behind the facades. During the self-led guided tour, you can learn the stories of the settlement of Sydney by walking along the hidden alleys, in the shady courtyards and along the breezy harbour. On the very same app you can also discover the tradition of the local Aboriginal population inside the Sydney Harbour, their spiritual connection with the waterways and their culture that keeps on thriving also within the boundaries of our contemporary Sydney.
An hour's drive south from the city center, Royal National Park offers 15 acres of thick bushes, walks along cliffs and hidden spots to swim. Walked to the initial section of the 26 km of the Coast Track, where the community to which the land has always belonged, the Dharawal population, used to gather on the rocks and create works of art. Carvings dating back over 1000 years are visible nearby. Search for fossil shells and discover the dwellings carved into the rock during the Depression era in which the most destitute local populations lived. During the whale watching season (May to November), the reefs are excellent locations from which to spot humpback whales as they move along the coast. You can end the day with a swim in Garie Beach.



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Hello everyone! I’m originally from Italy and I moved to Sydney, Australia, in 2012 after getting a job as a civil engineer. I love walking my dog along the beach, surfing and taking photos. I used to have a travel blog because I’m passionate about traveling and I love writing about it too. Sydney is my home base now and I wish to share how amazing it is to live here. I love to spend time outdoors and I’m always well informed about local events because my girlfriend works in event management.

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