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Australians call breakfast ‘brekky’ or ‘breaky.’
You all know the saying ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, well, here in Sydney and Australia we take this saying to a whole other level. In fact, breakfast in Australia is not just a necessity, but a real lifestyle. Sydney's love for breakfast knows no bounds and, whenever possible (when we are not under a mandatory quarantine, sigh!) we queue for hours to have the best dish and talk about our favourite brunch for days to come!
The choice of dishes for the first meal of the day here in Sydney (but throughout Australia in general) is truly endless. Breakfast in Australia is a serious affair, requiring a balanced choice from a myriad of options. Whether it's buttermilk pancakes or simple avocado on toast, whether it's fresh salmon on a bed of fried eggs or the classic eggs and bacon roll, the concept of having breakfast out in Australia really has nothing to do with a short coffee break.
At least on the weekend people take their time, sitting at a few tables outside a nice cafe and enjoying breakfast calmly.
Business breakfasts are popular here in Australia: it is normal to talk about contracts and business while having some savoury foods over a coffee or a plate of scrambled eggs, it is customary to offer a client a hearty breakfast in a cool cafe by the office.
Nevertheless, having breakfast out in Australia is definitely not something for everyone and not even something that normal workers can afford every day since it’s quite pricey.
Since Australians are descendants of the British, savoury breakfasts are preferred here: eggs reign supreme in the breakfasts of Australians. Eggs obviously can be cooked in a thousand ways, just as the bread on which they are served can change.
Meats are served with the eggs (like for the English breakfast): from the most common sausage to traditional Kangaroo steak.
Clearly, all this food cannot be sent down dry, it must also be accompanied by something, right?
And the drinks list is long too! For coffee lovers, the choice is complex: Cappuccino, flat white, milk, mocha, espresso, macchiato…
Flat white is a typical name for an Australian coffee drink that it is basically cappuccino without foam milk.
But you can also order tea or hot chocolate if you’d like. And if it is summer, you can opt for an iced coffee or iced chocolate, or for a milkshake or a fruit smoothie.
The Sydneysiders, with their hectic everyday life and their love for the weekend, have perfected the art of breakfast in bars and restaurants across the city. I know many Italians will turn up their noses and wonder how to eat all that stuff in the early morning but I assure you that you get used to it, and gladly too!
Organic food options are very trendy for breakfast and brunch and organic food is very popular in Australia. The range of organic products in supermarkets is getting bigger and bigger. So, if you want to eat healthy, Australia is one of the best places to do it and it will also allow you to try many types of fruits and vegetables that are much cheaper than in other parts of the world. And although organic foods are generally more expensive than industrially produced ones, the flavour of the former is not comparable to that of the latter.
Australians hardly cook breakfast at home though and, when home, they just go for a quick coffee with some butter biscuits.



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