• 2022.07.21
Even before moving to Australia, I had seen some pictures of the Whitsunday islands and its beaches.
Honestly, I had thought they were photoshopped and that such a place couldn't really exist.
I was proven wrong.
I have been living in Australia for a few years now and I have finally made it there.
The Whitsunday islands are part of an archipelago of 70 tropical islands located not far from the Queensland coast.
They are located near the Great Barrier Reef, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
This archipelago and in particular its largest island, the Whitsunday, is famous above all for its white beaches and crystal-clear water.
They are largely uninhabited and unspoiled islands and they are protected.
Only a limited number of visitors can visit them and there is a closed number of permits given each year.
The closest Queensland town to the Whitsundays is Airlie Beach and basically all excursions to the archipelago depart from here.
The closest airport to Airlie Beach is Proserpine Airport, the smallest airport I have ever been to.
The airport connects domestic flights departing from all major Australian airports, so wherever you are you can reach it.
As far as accommodation is concerned, Airlie Beach offers several alternatives, from expensive sea-view resorts to cheaper but nice hostels.
As I previously mentioned, these islands are part of the protected Whitsunday Islands National Park and for this reason the only way to reach and visit them is with organized excursions.
I personally chose an excursion on a sailing boat (a catamaran) with two nights on board to enjoy them as they deserve.
Depending on the duration of the tour you choose, you will visit different places in the archipelago but in any case the must stop is at Whitsunday Island.

The boat cannot get too close to the coast so after you have dropped anchor in the incredibly blue waters of the Coral Sea you will continue towards the shore with a small dinghy.
As aforementioned, these islands are practically uninhabited and probably look almost the same as when James Cook first saw them in 1770.
They are covered with lush tropical vegetation and the must-go to spot is the most photographed place in the country: Hill Inlet Lookout.
It is a literally breathtaking panorama that photographs are able to render up to a certain point.
Before your eyes you have the incredible shades of blue of Whitsunday Island, colours that constantly change according to the level of the tide and the sunlight.
After this incredible view from the top, you can go down directly to the beach for a walk on what is considered, with good reason, among the most beautiful beaches in the world: Whitehaven Beach.
Its colours seem almost unreal and this is due to the fact that the sand on this beach is made up of pure silica.
Obviously, it is strictly forbidden to leave any type of waste here and it is forbidden to take sand from this beach.
A sign reads ‘Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures…’
It is not rare to spot stingrays or other types of fish swimming undisturbed in these clear waters, even very close to the shore.
It is truly a unique place and you would like to never go away but to preserve the magic of this place the time available is limited, usually a couple of hours.
We are near the Great Barrier Reef and therefore in practically all the excursions snorkelling is included to take a look at the wonders that are also found below sea level.
Depending on the duration of the excursion there will be different moments in which you can snorkel in the archipelago.


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