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  • Chinese influence on Sydney.
Many expats live in Australia and particularly in Sydney because it’s the biggest and most international hub in the country.
The Asian community is very large due to the proximity between Australia and the Asian continent and many are the Chinese or second-generation Chinese calling Sydney their home.

One of the places I truly recommend visiting is the White Rabbit Gallery.
This privately owned art space in Sydney was opened in 2009 and it is one of the most significant private collections of contemporary Chinese art outside of China and in the world.
The White Rabbit Gallery is dedicated to 21st century Chinese art and it boasts a collection of over 2,000 pieces created by almost 700 artists, which however are only partially on display, given the limited spaces of the gallery.
Many art pieces are stored and periodically shown, generally with two new exhibitions organized here each year.
The works are said to be selected directly by the owner, Judith Neilson, who is a member of one of the richest families in Australia other than being a Chinese art connoisseur.
The gallery has free admission because the place is funded entirely by its owner and her art foundation.
The gallery is housed within a building that functioned as a Rolls-Royce service depot in the 40s and has since been completely refurbished to accommodate this art gallery. The facility also includes a library with books dedicated to contemporary Chinese art and a small tea parlour offering snacks such as Chinese tea and rolls.

China is very present in Sydney and the city’s present-day Chinatown derives from the merging of earlier neighborhoods of the same name. Modern-day Chinatown dates back to the 20s and stretches from the pedestrianized Dixon Street to the area between Central Station and Darling Harbour.
But what is Chinatown in Sydney like?
Lanterns and red doors, shopping centres and markets overflowing with souvenirs, clothing and take-away food with intense Asian scents that mix with those of the small restaurants that follow one another along Dixon Street, the main avenue of Sydney's Chinatown, in the heart of the city. Chinatown is included in a larger district, known as the Haymarket, which also includes Thai-town and the areas around Sydney Central Station.
It is an area always teeming with life and colour, with narrow streets covered in graffiti and sidewalks crowded with young people, tourists and office workers who travel from busy Central Station to the CBD (Central Business District - every Aussie city has one called so) along George Street.
Haymarket borders various districts, including Darling Harbor and it is no coincidence that between the latter district and Haymarket are the Chinese Garden of Friendship, enchanting oriental-style gardens: before the 1920s, in fact, Chinatown was located in Darling Harbour, where she had moved from the original neighborhood, The Rocks. Haymarket is excellent for an afternoon or an evening stroll dedicated to low-cost shopping and excellent cuisine and the Chinese Garden of Friendship is a must see.
It is a small secret garden, a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, to relax and really get in touch with nature and inner peace. Much more than a city garden, this haven of peace faithfully recreates the philosophy and harmony of a traditional Chinese garden. In fact, here you can find koi ponds, waterfalls, weeping willows, and tea houses where you can enjoy Chinese tea and dim sum (or if you prefer English scones).
Among examples of Chinese calligraphy, sculptures and engravings, the garden is full of hidden treasures too and, for those who feel like dressing up, there is the possibility of renting the traditional clothes of a prince, princess or soldier: a bit touristy but a lot of fun!


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