• 2016.08.09
  • Bonfire – An American Summer Tradition
During this season, an increasing number of people gather in their backyards with their family and friends, and burn firewood to enjoy a bonfire. In this post, I’ll introduce this American summer tradition called the bonfire as well as the amazingly delicious treat enjoyed with a bonfire.


To enjoy a bonfire, you first change into a long-sleeve sweatshirt or jacket and long pants to prevent being bitten by bugs. Then everyone in the family helps each other apply bug repellent all over their bodies. Next, you grab some drinks and snacks, load firewood onto a truck, and head to the backyard.

Since sundown in the states is later than in Japan, it takes about one hour to get dark even if you begin from around 8 pm. While waiting for the sky to grow dark, everyone enjoys making and eating s’mores—the ultimate bonfire treat. From children to adults, it’s everyone’s favorite treat.


What you need to prepare are marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

You sharpen the tip of a tree branch, stick a marshmallow on to its end, and roast the marshmallow over the fire.


Then you place the chocolate and the fire-roasted marshmallow inside two pieces of graham crackers…


And that’s it!

The chocolate slowly melts from the heat of the roasted marshmallow, giving the s’more its crunchy yet fluffy texture–it’s a delicious taste that’s hard to explain. S’more is a shortened name derived from the phrase “some more.” As that implies, you simply can’t resist this delicious treat.

At supermarkets, you can even find a section just for s’mores around this time of the year.


There are even specialized marshmallows just for making s’mores!!!

As you excitedly chat and enjoy munching on s’mores, you will realize that it’s gotten quite dark.



Before you know it, the chirping of the birds will disappear and it will become quiet. All you hear are the crackling sounds of the firewood, which helps you relax. Just watching the fire burning allows you to think about things you normally don’t think about in daily life. It enables you to think about your true feelings, like soul searching.
Sitting around with family and friends in front of a fire in the great outdoors makes you feel as if you can open up to others. You can talk about life or deep philosophical topics. There’s no rule and everyone talks about whatever they feel like. Sometimes there may be some guitar playing and singing too! 

And I can’t help but be touched each time I see the fireflies that appear in large numbers.

The air is clear, the starry night seems to expand endlessly, and there are also the glowing fireflies. It’s such a precious moment, and although it may sound like an exaggeration, it really makes me feel glad that I am living on this planet called earth.


Surrounded by trees under the starry night, you sit around the fire and chat. Time flies, and your daily fatigue and stress seem to disappear thanks to the bonfire.

You will feel closer to those whom you chat with and enjoy a stronger bond.

Personally, I feel that an office meeting around a bonfire would be quite interesting. Mother Nature will guide you to a solution, help you come up with new ideas, and allow you to build better relationships with others.


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I moved to the United States in May after getting married. My hobby is baking.I want to spread the joy of delicate and delicious baked sweets I learned how to create in Japan.

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