• 2021.07.21
  • Gift Wrapping

Colorful paper bags with clouds of colorful tissue paper.
This is classic gift wrapping in the US.
It’s a handy and appealing way of wrapping gifts that anyone can easily achieve when giving a gift for a birthday, a celebration, or even as a small thank you.

Don't you feel excited just seeing all the different gift bags and tissue papers in this section!?
There is too much variety to fit into this one photo, so you should be able to find the perfect wrapping to suit the person and the occasion.
Apart from the luxury brand shops, most shops provide simple wrapping.
After getting used to this sort of thing, you would get a big surprise and be impressed when you go shopping in Japan for the first time in a long while!! At most shops in Japan, they wrap things beautifully, even things that aren’t gifts, so I sometimes bring the lovely wrapping paper and so on back to the US.

(The tissue paper you put in the bag comes in all sorts of lovely patterns.)

I tend to think that being eco-friendly is good, but the way they wrap things in the US makes gift wrapping at Christmas time really hard, and you have to wrap all the gifts for your family, plus your friends, yourself.
Because of that, you have to buy all the wrapping paper, paper bags, and even ribbons and tags to go with the gifts, as well as the gifts themselves.

But rather than a box or a paper bag that shows the brand, a gift wrapped in colorful wrapping paper intensifies your idea of what might be inside and makes you more excited about opening it!?
(By the way, between you and me, most people here tear open the gift wrapping that you have tried so hard to make look nice (LOL), so maybe it’s better to go easy on excessive wrapping, right?! (LOL)

People often give a card together with their gift, so don’t forget to put a card in the paper bag!

As well as wrapping paper and so on, in the US they have cards with all sorts of designs that you just don’t see in Japan, so they make good souvenirs of your trip to the US!


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