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  • 2018.06.04
  • Meatpacking: show your coolness!
You've seen it at least a million times, in crazy movie scenes, or parading behind the city's most fashionable New Yorkers, in the television series Sex and The City (Samantha lived here in the third series): the Meatpacking district is the ‘sensual-chic’ district of New York City. An old industrial district for the processing and sale of meat and dairy products, over time it has been transformed into the city area with the highest number of night clubs and nightlife. Since the 80s of the last century, designer boutiques and shops, but also refined cafés, trendy bars and art galleries (and lastly the opening of the High Line) have spread like a virus, giving the whole area its new appearance of exclusive and super cool neighborhood. If you are in New York City and you want to make a jump around here, I recommend you to book a table at the Spice Market, where, between fusion cuisine of Southeast Asia and colonial style furniture, you will feel the Orient in the heart of the most incredible metropolis of the world.
It used to be a real spice market, just like the meatpacking district was a neighborhood full of slaughterhouses and butcher’s shops.

Trendy brunch in New York’s Meatpacking district

The Meatpacking District is a relatively small area in the South West of Manhattan, which borders the West Chelsea district to the north and the Greenwich Village to the south. Once dedicated to the sorting of meats where the freight train arrived from the elevated railway, today it is one of the trendiest places in Manhattan. The change began already in the 60s when the butchers began to give space to leather goods shops and some local nightlife places. Today there is little left of that history and all the warehouses and factories have become new design palaces, offices, and trendy shops. It's one of my favorite destinations because it's not chaotic, there's a lot to do and fun is guaranteed. I recommend starting from Gansevoort Street where the new Whitney Museum is now open. In addition, if you are fond of nightlife, there are many clubs and discos and in the evening the neighborhood really changes.

I would start from a visit to the new Whitney Museum designed by Renzo Piano from which you will enjoy a beautiful view of the city from its balconies. Upon exiting you will find yourself directly on the elevated Highline, the park born on the old railway that offers you a fantastic walk up to 34th Street.
For a culinary tour and if you want to try some new restaurants I recommend Fig & Olive which in my opinion is also excellent for brunch and never chaotic. For meat you can try Macelleria while for fish Catch which also offers a rooftop terrace, where you can eat. The Standard Hotel on Saturday and Sunday also offers a nice brunch with a panoramic view on the 18 Floor.
But let's talk about shopping that never fails in New York! Even here you can empty your pockets and your wallets in different stores. I recommend you visit the high fashion designer store Jeffrey, a pioneer that was the first big store to open in this area many years ago. You will find many high fashion brands and it is not rare to meet various celebrities who go shopping. For American brands I recommend Scoop that in this location often offers different discounts on goods and holds its annual sample sale of the days where the products are discounted further.
And if you want to rest a bit? Well, in the area there are several rest areas with tables and chairs outdoors but coming up to the river you will meet a small green park where you can lie down. In this summer park in the evening there are also several concerts and dance days last year for example every Tuesday there are lessons and evenings of Salsa dancing! Then, if you're looking for the sweet sea breeze, then you'll come to the riverfront on the Hudson River Park to meet several green areas where you can watch the sunset comfortably lying on a lawn!


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