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  • 2019.04.23
  • A close eye on the Oculus!
The ‘new’ New York Oculus, better known as the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, is the lower Manhattan rail hub, located between tower 2 and tower 3 of the rebuilt World Trade Center.
The Hub connects 11 subway lines, local trains and the Hudson ferry Terminal.
The Oculus is considered a true masterpiece of modern architecture and a monumental project of this station started from the idea of redeveloping the area of Ground Zero, hit by the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001.
This Hub is, without a doubt, an important transportation and trade center for the City and for the Manhattan area in particular. It is a new space that has changed the concept of railway station, turning it into a tourist attraction and a place where you can go shopping and stop by to eat something.

The Architecture of the Oculus:

The Oculus structure was designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and is composed of two large white steel wings, which wish to remember a dove in the hands of a child, and which represent a symbol of peace and rebirth of the city of New York, in particular of the Word Trade Center area.
Calatrava's work stands 50 meters above the ground and is covered by an imposing oval dome and glass panels through which the sun filters allowing, thanks to its white marble floor, to create magnificent light patterns, which fascinate the thousands of people who crowd the station every day.
The Oculus, inaugurated in March 2016, suffered delays in its creation, so much so that it took 12 years to set it up and it cost the city over 4 billion dollars, instead of the 2 that had been initially allocated for this project, becoming the focus of numerous controversies among New Yorkers.

What to do at the Oculus:

The station itself can be considered a tourist attraction. You can't help it but taking a souvenir photo or a selfie while observing this fantastic architectural structure. Even if you are a New Yorker. Or, perhaps, especially if you are a New Yorker, as it represents an entry point to the Big Apple. From here, it is possible to reach the World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial for the victims of the attacks as well as Brookfield Place nearby.

The Oculus is also an ideal place for shopping lovers and foodies. In fact, the Westfield World Trade Center inside of it is an impressive shopping mall that houses more than 100 stores, making it the largest shopping mall in downtown New York. The new shopping center is part of the area's revival project and it replaces the mall destroyed during the attacks.

Inside the Westfield World Center you can enjoy excellent cuisines, thanks to the Epicerie Boulud, an excellence of French cuisine and an ideal place for those who want to have breakfast and drink a great coffee.
The restaurant has a wide range of dishes ranging from soups to rich sandwiches with cold cuts and cheeses.
Within the Oculus of New York there is also space for a piece of Italy and, at the Westfield World Trade Center, you can eat a nice plate of pasta in the center of the Big Apple, thanks to Eataly.
There is also space for sweets lovers at the Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate Store, where to taste exquisite and fine chocolates, prepared by the hands of fine Belgian chocolate masters.
If you want something typically American, and typically New Yorker, you can find bagels and donuts, perfect for a quick snack, at the Great American Bagel & Bakery located within the Oculus, where there is a large choice of snack options including bagels, muffins, donuts and cupcakes.


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