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  • 2015.09.25
  • Le Marché
I live around the corner from a parking lot.
It is void of life and desolate during the week. But on special days, like Sunday, I find myself in the heart of French culture: the local town market. Is there anything more representative of France? Beautiful local produce in shades of red and green that are as fragrant as they are vibrant.

Fresh tomatoes and artichokes nearing the end of their season

Local plums in vibrant colours

For a town of less than 15,000 residents there is iberico ham from Spain, handmade ravioli from an Italian mother and more cheese and olive varieties than I ever knew existed.

Handmade Italian ravioli and paste in bold flavours and colours

More olives than your heart could desire

French cheeses – some exclusive to the region

So much of the food that is sold in France is exclusive to the country and often even the region itself. This locality is unique in such a globalized world and if we ever fear the loss of French culture, we need only venture to the local market to be reassured that some things never change.The food draws me into the market, but it is the vendors and theirpersonalities that bring me back.

The exuberant vendor catching up with locals

Each vendor knows exactly what is best eaten when. I approach the fruit vendor asking for ready-to-eat donut peaches and she dismisses the request immediately. “They are not ready now; what you should be eating are the melons. They are of perfect ripeness and are much more fragrant.” Her advice, or command, feels more like a concern for the melon to be appreciated in all its glory than for my own personal enjoyment. Although I cannot imagine any melon being as sweet and fragrant as those in Japan, I concede and tote the fruit home. The result? Let’s just say I’ll be back at her stand next week with an empty basket and an open mind. Tastes like summer – sweet, aromatic with a perfect bite.

Individually packaged melons of perfect ripeness beaming in the crisp sun


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Sarena is an explorer constantly on the move – living on 5 continents and 11 countries later she has landed in the village of Fontainebleau, France where she is currently pursuing an MBA. She is passionate about embracing diversity and holds a perpetual curiosity for discovering new cultures. With okonomiyaki in one hand and tayaki in the other, Sarena has previously lived in Osaka and Nagoya, eating her way through Japan. She is now learning the art of enjoying daily life from the French.

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