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  • 2019.12.23
“Remember, remember the 5th of November…” goes a rhyme about the events of the 5th of November of 1605.
November 5th is remembered to be the Dust Conspiracy, the goal of this conspiracy was to kill the English king: James I of England.
According to the plan, ideated by a group of English Catholics, the House of Lords should have been blown up in the very central Parliament of London.
The explosion and demolition of this symbol of power should have taken place on that date in 1605, the date on which the opening ceremony of the English Parliament would be held: the State Opening.
The failure of the plan is due to an anonymous letter, containing the details of the conspiracy, delivered to the king on the 1st of November of the same year.
During the night of November, the 4th, Guy Fawkes (one of the main authors of the conspiracy), was found, in London, with over 30 barrels containing gunpowder.
Following his arrest and torture, all the conspirators were arrested and hanged.
The dust conspiracy is nowadays still considered a symbol of rebellion and struggle against tyranny, also thanks to the comic strip by Alan Moore later transposed into a very successful film: V for Vendetta.
The famous film is set in London in a despotic future in which a totalitarian society is in force and is guided by a repressive government led by the high Chancellor Adam Sutler that persecutes both opponents on a political level and minorities.
The only character who opposes the totalitarian regime is a mysterious individual wearing the Guy Fawkes mask.
The final scene is iconic with all the citizens of London wearing the mask of the Catholic revolutionary.
The Guy Fawkes night or Bonfire Night is celebrated in the United Kingdom and commemorates this failed attack on the London Parliament through fireworks and bonfires.
During the commemoration, which takes place every year on November 5th, a puppet of the main symbol of the conspiracy (Guy Fawkes) is burned.
During the night of November 5th, a traditional rhyme is also recited, and goes:
“Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot;
I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.”
The use of the Guy Fawkes mask was already present during the Guy Fawkes night but, it was the illustrator of the comic David Lloyd creating a perfect stylization (white face, red cheeks, upturned moustache related by a captivating smile) to globalise it.
In recent years the mask has been revived and used by Anonymous (a group of activists on the net who act anonymously to pursue a goal), during the protests of “occupy Wall Street” and in many other demonstrations.
The mask of Guy Fawkes has become the main symbol of rebellion, freedom, emancipation and free will.
The Bonfire Night is an ancestral celebration here and every year, the British go out on the streets and feast while admiring the biggest fires and fireworks in London.
It is customary to go out with a banner with the effigy of the thug and burn it.
Although Bonfire Night takes place on November 5th every year, the celebrations in the English capital take place for over a month.
The program features a giant campfire where a 30-foot effigy will burn at the top of the bonfire, created by local youngsters as part of a creative learning project in collaboration with local artists.
One of London's biggest fireworks takes place at Battersea Park.
On the program of the evening, a bar, food stands and festive fairs are ideal places to celebrate bonfire night with the family.
It is possible to celebrate an unusual night of bonfire also on a boat on the river Thames.
You can indeed travel London aboard a boat and make the most of the glittering lights and the biggest fireworks in the capital.
Here you can enjoy a drink at the bar, relax and enjoy London's iconic skyline from the river.
Londoners based in East London can visit the Newham's Fireworks Night in the Royal Docks.
On site there are usually traditional fireworks, music, rides and a DJ for those who want to dance the night away.


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