• 2021.10.28
The vaccination pass in England should have been implemented from October 1st, mainly affecting night clubs and big events halls which have recently been reopened.
The 'industry of the night' had in fact immediately contested the introduction of the measure, as did the Democratic party, according to which the green certification would have been “divisive, impracticable and expensive for the economy of the country.”
Mr. Johnson's ‘no’ to a British vaccination pass therefore found favour with most but there was no lack of criticism.
The Democrats have accused the Johnson government of having hesitated for too long in the choice, and they call to themselves the merit of the no to certification.
However, the fact remains that avoiding the damage of the vaccination pass to nightclubs, discos, and major events (sporting events, concerts, shows) seems to have been the real reason for the British no to the vaccine passport - rather than a health situation completely under control by the use of the vaccines.
The situation of infections in England for now is over 30,000 (according to the data updated to the end of September on the English government website) and therefore not really under control and the other three parts of the country under the British Crown are not, in fact, implementing England's line.
Scotland will introduce a vaccine certification from October 1st, while Wales will introduce the same but calling it COVID pass.
Northern Ireland, for its part, does not seem willing to change its opinion about it and sticks to it too.
In any case, the Johnson government has announced the presence of a winter plan against Covid, the main objective of which is to avoid new lockdowns, ease the pressure on the national health service and further incentivize the vaccination campaign.
The Prime minister made clear that elsewhere the vaccination certificate or Green pass (as it’s called in the European Union) was actually introduced to encourage people to get vaccinated.
He argued that with over 80% of the entire population over 16 already immunized with two doses and 90% with one in Great Britain it would be unpopular and not necessary.
He announced that what is left to do is to accelerate the vaccination campaign between those aged 16 and 17, the last to be involved in order of age, where so far it has reached a popularity of about 60%.
The hospitalizations have greatly diminished and it is mainly for this reason that the government has decided to avoid the introduction of the vaccination pass for discos and big events, considered by many an attack on personal freedom.
Additionally, I must admit that it is finally great to see young people together to dance, drink, chat, without a mask or social distancing because it's another step towards normalcy in the United Kingdom or England for now at least.
“Do you remember the pandemic?” is a question that one would ask in London if one was to visit from abroad.
My family back home in Italy cannot believe that there are no more mask wearing people on the streets now: they had never been imposed here outdoors, but many people used to wear them anyway.
Back in July, when the government had decreed the end of the obligation in any situation, people had reacted with great caution at first but now in shops and supermarkets no one wears them anymore, only on the subway, where they remain recommended by the health authorities.
Also the English Universities have communicated that the academic year that has just started will see a return to the pre-pandemic modalities of teaching, hence face-to-face lessons, no masks or distancing and full resumption of college activities.
News regarding the trend of Covid have practically disappeared in the newspapers: sometimes you have to browse to find something about the virus.


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