• 2023.09.25
  • Novelties in London this summer
London is a city which “regenerates itself continuously.”
It is always new, up to date and fun.
London is alive.
This summer, just as all other seasons, has seen the arrival of some new attractions and trends in the British capital.

Barbie craze everywhere

First of all, London has succumbed to the Barbie trend which is following the release of the movie.
The city has hosted a Barbie house in Soho, a new pop-up store by the cosmetics chain giant ‘Lush.’
Until September 21st you can enter the pink world of Barbie with a pink living room, kitchen and shower where you can see the different Lush products such as its famous bath soaps, body conditioner, a pink shampoo and much more.
Prices for Lush's products range from £5 to £35 for a limited edition Barbie perfume.
There are also free welcome drinks on offer to celebrate the collection created in partnership with Mattel.
Mattel has already partnered with over 100 brands as part of its relentless Barbie movie marketing campaign which has literally ‘invaded’ London as well.

Worth mentioning is also Fairgame, a new playground for adults which has arrived in London at Canary Wharf.
London's financial district has opened a new entertainment venue for adults with carousels, target shooting, a hall of mirrors and many other attractions targeting adults that make grown-ups feel as children again.
The funfair has been enjoyed for generations and now they have combined the games that everyone loves with cutting-edge technology in an incredible environment.
Each visitor is equipped with a high-tech wristband which is used to record scores and purchase rounds and virtual reality is king here.
The place offers top-notch street food options as well as cocktail bars and beer on tap, of course.
It is a mix between a funfair and Vegas, I would say.

Third, but not for importance, is an exhibit dedicated to Freddie Mercury.
Over 1500 objects and memorabilia that belonged to the late artist are on display to the public for a month at the London branch of Sotheby's.
It is amazing to be able to admire all the objects that belonged to the great star, from watches, to his iconic clothes, all the porcelain and oriental objects that he loved very much, even his royal crown, exact replica of the crown of Saint Edward and his famous synthetic fur with red velvet and rhinestones worn during the last world tour in the 80s.
Sotheby's is one of the most important auction houses in the United Kingdom.
Part of the rooms of Mercury's London home have been reconstructed for the occasion and it is a great emotion to see his books and his sofas that make us understand the daily life of a timeless genius.
It is estimated that the collection boasts a total value of almost 10 million pounds, among the various pieces up for auction we can mention the Yamaha black piano – on which the singer composed Bohemian Rhapsody – which it has an estimated value of about 3 million pounds alone.
We can also find the singer's handwritten lyrics on display, masterpieces such as: “We Are The Champions” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.
In addition to representing a great opportunity for collectors to buy objects, this exhibition is something more that goes beyond a simple purchase.
It is the intimate life of Freddie Mercury, the man, his passions, his quirks, his paranoia and his genius.
Through the objects we understand the relationship he had with the world, a modern aesthete, who surrounded himself with beauty around him and transformed it into music.

Freddie Mercury exhibit, a first.


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