• 2016.10.25
  • Pumpkin Festival
Like in other countries, pumpkins are a highly-popular fall vegetable in Germany. A variety of colors and shapes are available, ranging in size, from small to large, with some sorts for eating and some just for decorations. Most restaurants´ menus offer pumpkin dishes in fall, supermarkets have two or three varieties on sale and may households make pumpkin soups or cakes.

In Berlin´s Schöneberg quarter, a pumpkin festival is held on the first weekend of October, with this year marking the 17th edition of the event. At this local festival, around 20 varieties of pumpkins are displayed for sale. Customers can just pick a basket up and directly buy pumpkins from the producers. In order to help customers, a small explanation of the pumpkin sort, origin and flavor characteristics is attached to the pumpkin stands.

In this events edition, pumpkin sorts from the USA, South America and Japan were included. While their origins are diverse, all of the pumpkins were grown in the State of Brandenburg.

      The country-style market spreads out on the church square.

Although the ancient Japanese sort “Futsukurokawa” does not look very pretty, it is described by the producers as delicious and rich in flavor.

Around the church square, numerous stalls sell everything from brushes to accessories and books. If you are hungry, a variety of food options are of course available, including grilled sausages and pumpkin soup. On one hand, a range of pumpkin related food products can be found on sale, such as pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin syrup. On the other hand, even though it is a pumpkin festival, many stalls sell products not pumpkin related.

 Stall selling hand-made jam, including pumpkin jam

Entertainment stalls for children, like pumpkin carving, and music stages are also featured in the festival.

A small Ferris wheel

After waiting for the rain to pass, I rode home on my bicycle with a basket full of pumpkins. I look forward to try all these sorts of pumpkins.

     The basket of pumpkins I carried home.


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