• 2017.07.04
  • Fishermen, old and new blend in the Ligurian Sea.
Summer is approaching here in Liguria and so is the tourist season.
Tourists come to Liguria for a variety of reasons but mainly to enjoy the sea.
While some people prefer to be lazy and spend their time sunbathing on the beach, some others prefer to be active and take part in sailing adventures, extreme sports or water activities.
The main activity here, and the oldest one, is fishing and in recent years the long fishing tradition of this region has blended with tourism leading to fishing tourism.

170627margherita_p1The Ligurian Sea is rich in fish thanks to its clean waters

Fishing tourism was born with the aim of giving tourists a different adventure alongside professional fishermen. There are several packages and companies that promote this kind of tourism in Liguria and all combine fishing with the discovering of the Ligurian Sea.
The idea was born mainly from a fishmonger’s family that decided to start an activity that did not yet have any kind of competition in our area and it soon became a trend.
Although it is a tourist activity, all fishing techniques are in strict compliance with local rules, fully respecting the sea and its delicate ecosystem.
Such activity can be interesting for locals alike because there is indeed a long tradition (although declining) of fishermen in Liguria because in the past the people here lived mostly on fishing and Ligurian fishermen are proud of their heritage.
Among the tourists there are several fishing enthusiasts with the desire to be in close contact with the fishermen to better understand their lifestyle and to discover the peculiarities of this territory seen from another perspective, the one of those who live the sea every day.
People can even decide to have a lunch with the fishermen onboard their boats and have fresh seafood (or their own catch) grilled on the spot.

In the past fishermen lived a very secluded life, taking their boats out in the darkness of the night and returning to the shore in the morning to sell their catch to the local markets.
Nowadays some fishermen have organized themselves to be the direct sellers of their products and some boats have been transformed into floating shops where one can go and buy fresh seafood straight from the source.
This system is regulated and controlled by the authorities and it has allowed cutting prices on fish and seafood by eliminating the intermediary.

170627margherita_p2Fishermen selling fresh fish from their boat in the harbor

Some modern young fishermen have even organized a small kitchen on their boat which can convert into a mobile tavern.
After two years of offshore activity, three boys here in the harbor have indeed decided to make their moored fishing boat a floating ‘food cart.’
The crew welcomes guests to purchase fish delicacies on the weekend while they fish and sell seafood on weekdays.

    Fishermen sell fish and local wine          Prosecco wine and fish by the sea

This crew also organizes fishing trips for a maximum of 12 passengers that can go onboard to feel the unforgettable emotion of a fishing day, not to mention the emotion to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Ligurian coast. In fact, the goal of the crew is to convey the passion for the sea and to help revive this sector.
The menu is made up of delicious options: mixed fried seafood, sandwiches and fish burgers. Burgers are prepared with tuna-like fishmeal consisting of cauliflowers and Mediterranean fish grilled and put into a bread bun with tomato salad and mayonnaise. The sandwiches are made with fried or grilled fillets of Mediterranean pike, hake and squid, depending on the season. In the summer the restaurant is open every evening appealing to those who take a stroll on the waterfront.


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