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  • 2020.05.27
  • COVID Art does not stop
Many cultural websites and TV channels have decided to make a community streaming available to everyone during this time of forced quarantine at home.
They are offering a long programming of videos, films and documentaries without having to pay for it.
There is also an online festival going on here in Italy where artists, poets, intellectuals, authors, are getting connected from their homes to share a daily live broadcast (mini-concerts, readings, lessons) to keep company to connected users, through art and culture.

Many writers have responded to the appeal of the RAI public tv channels to create a cultural space streaming from their homes in a sort of digital literary festival by reading poems and books or by suggesting book titles or by teaching about selected literary movements.
Hundreds of Italian artists have also responded in less than 24 hours to the invitation of the Milano Art digital platform by creating a black and white drawing board one can download and color!
This Coloring Book for adults is a virtual album that everyone, from home, can browse and download on smartphones or tablets, or print on simple A4 sheets and color. The Coloring Book is a coloring album that is created and updated day after day, collecting the drawings that the Milano Art Guide platform will regularly put online on their website.
After all coloring is the new yoga for many people who find it a very relaxing activity.
The drawings can be downloaded to all devices, printed, colored and also shared on social networks, by tagging the name of the artist.
Many private foundations and public museums as well as the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities are also organizing virtual tours of large famous museums and small private galleries to promote the visual arts and to allow students and just anyone to get informed and entertained.
Many museums have zealously responded to the appeal launched by Minister of Art when he tried to promote staying at home by activating initiatives for the use and animation of their cultural treasures online. Also, individual museums, castles and parks have aimed to increase the images of the materials they had on their sites and on social networks. Some simulating virtual tours of their rooms with simple techniques (photographs, short videos, footage), or creating short films to attract the public attention, even using episodes. Some of these are the Archaeological Museum of Canosa, the Castle of Copertino, most archaeological museums and also the most famous Italian art museums like the Uffizi in Florence or the Vatican Museums in Rome.
The latter is offering an exciting online walk, where you can admire, even if from afar, the wonders of the Sistine Chapel, the rooms by Raphael and a thousand other art pieces without space and time boundaries.
Here and there are also some proposals for interaction with the public and 3D virtual visits some even using virtual reality.

The Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism has also promoted a large digital event on Instagram with the hashtag #artyouready to encourage influencers, but also professional or amateur photographers and, of course visitors of all ages, to publish their favorite photos taken inside museums, archaeological parks , libraries and archives of Italy, giving preference to those photos without showing crowds.
A sort of photographic flash mob that led to the publication of beautiful photos and a way to collect and share on the web the beauty and uniqueness of the Italian cultural heritage and show it to the whole world. It is a way to remember that the cultural heritage, although temporarily closed and inaccessible to the public, is alive and represents the beating heart of our identity.


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