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  • Glamping, camping and everything in between…
Italians do not love camping.
It’s the truth and I believe it is mainly due to the fact that Italians (for the most part) love comforts, good food (which requires more than a campfire to prepare) and are no keen on adventure when they are on holiday.
Glamping though is becoming ‘a thing’ in Italy because it perfectly combines the experience of camping and getting in touch with nature without giving up the comforts and style of staying at a hotel.
Glamping combines all the comforts of a hotel with the simplicity of camping and the great outdoors, the magic of sleeping under the stars, feeling at ease in nature listening to the patter of the rain, in comfort and safety.
It turns out to be a form of camping in more comfortable and luxurious structures than those of traditional camping. It can satisfy any need, even for those accustomed to comfort and luxury but want to rediscover the contact and the benefit of living in nature.
They opened up a few Glamping sites here in Liguria and they are so popular one has to reserve months in advance to get a ‘room.’
Their popularity is due to many factors in my opinion and the pandemic played a key role.
First and foremost, people grew a desire to be in contact with nature which glamping satisfies.
Glamping is also cheaper in most cases than staying at a hotel.
Thirdly, it allows privacy and it permits to stay at a safe distance from people. Staying in these structures allows you to get up in the morning completely immersed in nature and immediately live it 360 degrees.
The options here in Liguria range from traditional Mongolian Yurts, to tree houses, to geodesic domes and the choice of glamping accommodations is becoming ever wider this upcoming Summer it seems since they have announced some tepee tents on a mountain edge near Genoa.

Inside the geodome

The glamping accommodations, in most cases, take advantage of the surrounding elements, creating the best space for eco-friendly travel and sustainable tourism and this is another important and popular aspect these days.
The way of traveling has changed, we want to explore on our own terms and immerse ourselves in the local culture, and we no longer want to simply witness nature, but to live it.
People perhaps do not travel as far as they used to and they often do not have as much money as in the past for their holidays so glamping not too far from home allows to have a weekend getaway and feel far from-it-all.
I spent a romantic weekend in a geodome.
These are hemispherical structures, composed of a series of beams and a transparent blackout PVC sheet.
One of the advantages of this type of structure is that they can be heated, thanks to their structure, an internal microclimate is created that allows comfortable temperatures both in summer and in winter, compared to tents or yurts where this is not possible, if not with suitable heating or cooling methods.
They are also extremely resistant both in the presence of strong wind, frost and snow.
I had a great time because it’s like sleeping under the stars but you are in a cozy bed and unlike in the tent you have a full view of the open sky.
Doing it in Liguria offers extra bonuses such as being able to sleep in an olive grove and pick your own olives the next day.
They also offer glamping accommodations close to the Via Francigena which is an old Roman path where people can hike and read about how Romans used to live in these areas.


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