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  • Shanghai Night
When asking those abroad about their impressions of Shanghai, many respond by saying that Shanghai’s night is beautiful. In fact, I myself also love Shanghai’s night cityscape. Nanjing Road, which is Shanghai’s most bustling street with brilliant neon lights, Huaihai Road that harmonizes old townscape with fashion and The Bund (Waitan) where views of both banks of the Huangpu River can be enjoyed, are all main streets of Shanghai. Its beauty has long been famous, that during the 40’s, there was even a well-known song called “Shanghai Nights” that depicted the beauty of Shanghai.

With the weather becoming more and more like spring, I decided to escape my hectic daily life for the first time in a while and go for a walk on the streets of Shanghai. I walked from Nanjing Road to Huaihai Road, also stopping by newly opened shops along the way, and fully enjoyed the city although it was only about a two-hour walk.


Nanjing Road is one of Shanghai’s landmarks, with the neon lights of the night being its number one highlight. It is a pedestrian precinct that is closed to all vehicle traffic. This is an ideal shopping location, as many department stores and restaurants line the streets. I recommend taking the scenic train besides walking around on foot.

At night, there is a very interesting sight that you can run into here. It is the public square dancing that is now popular among the middle and old aged Chinese. This dancing is performed throughout different parts of the city. It’s popular for the reason that you can exercise while also enjoying social interaction with others. People regardless of their nationalities can enjoy the dancing, with travelers from abroad at times being spotted dancing along with them. I feel that this kind of friendly atmosphere is one of the appeals of an international metropolis.

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I next visited Huaihai Road. Here you can truly feel the atmosphere of a metropolis. In contrast with the lively Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road is a tranquil street lined with many luxury brand stores. The Xintiandi area is especially famous. The area is full of a sophisticated atmosphere  with many of the 19th century traditional architecture of Shikumen “stone gate” houses left preserved.  Currently, there are brand name stores and high-end restaurants everywhere, making this street a tourist spot where history and fashion merge.

Although there are many other tourist spots in Shanghai, make sure to also enjoy Shanghai’s night during your next visit.


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