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  • 2019.05.31
  • Street Performers
Sunny days are becoming more common, and their days are also getting longer!
That said, even on sunny days the high temperature is only in the low teens (Celsius), so when the wind hits you it still feels somewhere between Japanese winter and spring. I can't wait for summer!

Anyway, this time I would like to write about street performances in Dublin.

When one thinks of foreign countries, they tend to have a lot of street performers, right? Right? (or is it just me? lol) This may be a common scene for anyone who has experience living abroad, but I thought it was great, so I'd like to share it with you!

These guys, for example.

And these cute ladies! The whiteboard at their feet says that they’re 15? 16? years old.
As I walked a bit further, I came to a large crowd of people…

Usually, when there’s a crowd like this on this street, you can assume that someone is performing there.

This girl is an Irish girl named Allie Sherlock. She’s only 14 years old!
She has also appeared on the popular American TV program “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and is considered quite the celebrity in Ireland. Her adorable looks and petite stature belie her powerful, husky voice as she sings a variety of cover songs. (She is all over YouTube; those who are curious are welcome to search for her there!)

This young man, another popular performer, brings with him a mini grand piano, of all things. With his sharp looks and sweet face, he’s always surrounded by female fans, as you can see here.

Moving on, we have this four-piece ensemble of men playing some really cool jazz music.

The vocalist we see here is a woman of Asian descent. Seeing Asians perform here is fairly rare in and of itself, but she was quite good! Personally, I’m rooting for her. (lol)

I’m not sure if he was doing it to attract attention or what, but this guy was standing on one leg and playing his guitar behind his head. I couldn’t tell if he was actually playing it or not. (lol)

This street performer was also there. This middle-aged man was juggling while atop a very tall unicycle. I'm curious as to how he got down from it, so I regret not staying until the end. (lol)

Then there was this unique old man. He was playing an Irish (maybe) percussive instrument by himself. Until recently, there was an elderly Japanese man dancing as if he was possessed, and I was afraid to approach him. (lol) But hats off to him for having that kind of energy at his age.

Some of the pictures were taken in the winter, so that's why in some of them the season looks different. Please forgive me for this trespass. (lol) Aside from musicians, there were also artists and dancers. One that I really wanted to show you was a group of people speaking out in favour of veganism. They are dressed in black with Xs taped over their mouths, standing at attention and holding signboards. I just couldn't bring myself to take photos of them... (lol)

On that note, these crowds. If this were Japan, the police would likely come quickly and say, "Hey, everyone clear out!" In fact, when there is a popular performer, sometimes the crowds are so dense that you simply can't get by. So why don't they stop this in Dublin?

Actually, Dublin has long been known for its music and street performers, and if you apply through the proper channels, the municipality will give you permission to perform on the streets. There seem to be a number of rules involved, but as long as you're at a certain place at a certain time, you can express yourself freely. Everyone has their own reasons for performing, but don't you think that this is a great thing? Next time I find a particularly interesting performer I'll let you know!


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Keiko Miki lives in Dublin, Ireland, where she works as a translator for a mobile game company.She wants to introduce readers to aspects of Irish culture and the Irish people that are little-known in Japan, and tell everyone how the Irish see Japan—all in a fun way that hopefully gets a few laughs in the process.

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