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  • Gold Coast Walking Course
The Gold Coast is in Queensland that is located in northeast Australia. It has a population of about 500,000, which is the second highest in the state after Brisbane with 1.6 million people and sixth largest in Australia. It is winter at the moment, but the average daily temperature of the Gold Coast is still 22 to 24°C even in winter, and the sunny weather continues to the extent that you can even be comfortable just in short sleeves during the daytime, as long as you are not in the shade. At the beach, you can see people swimming in the ocean or enjoying suntanning in bathing suits.

When thinking of the Gold Coast, many people may picture the beautiful coastline that stretches on and on and the skyscrapers lining the suburb of Surfers Paradise. There are many gorgeous beaches along the coast where world-renowned surfing and lifesaving competitions are held, but today I will tell you about a local walking course that I always take.

If you drive south for about 20 minutes from Surfers Paradise that is full of tourists, you will find a small suburb called Miami. The place I am introducing today is a walking course that runs from Miami to a neighboring suburb called Burleigh Heads. The path was created so that you walk between the shore and parks, and it is bustling from morning to evening with people enjoying all sorts of activities, like jogging, walking, walking their dog, cycling, or skateboarding.

1 Photo1: If you look closely, you can see a line drawn in the middle of the path. You walk on the left, same as in Japan

2 Photo2
The beach is on the left. You can also reach this spot by walking about 8 km along the sand from Surfers Paradise Beach to this Miami Beach. The sandy beach stops at the cliff you see on the far left.
3 Photo3
The stairs going up the cliff are quite narrow, so people must make way for each other when using them.

4 Photo4: The scenery from the top of the cliff. The skyscrapers you can see in the distance are Surfers Paradise.

5 Photo5: This is the scenery on the other side of the cliff. The hill you can see in the distance is Burleigh Heads. The foot of the hill is a famous surfing spot.

6 Photo6: At the bottom of the water fountain for people, there is one for dogs too, style="margin-left:59px;">showing consideration for dogs going on walks.



  • Photo7


  • Photo8

   Photo7, 8: A great part of this walking course is that it has exercise machines that anyone can use for free.

Photo9: Turning back when I reached close to the Burleigh Heads hill you could see from afar.

10 Photo10: The scenery from above the Miami cliff on the return path of the walking course. I began walking just after 4:30 p.m. and could see this beautiful sunset sky on my way back.

  Without going too far, you can surround yourself with nature in nearby places and can enjoy all sorts of activities throughout the year as part of your daily lifestyle -- this is what is so great about the Gold Coast.


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