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  • The handy Eucalyptus oil
Australia is known for the cute koalas, and these koalas’ main diet is the Eucalyptus leaf. The oil taken from these leaves, called Eucalyptus oil, is sold here at supermarkets and pharmacies for a reasonable price roughly equivalent to 500 to 600 JPY, with Australia being its country of origin.

Photo Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus oil has a soothing, refreshing aroma similar to Japanese mint or peppermint. There are things like formulated Eucalyptus oil cough drops that are sold, but it isn’t really to my liking since in my mind it tastes like detergent mixed with mint flavor. I think it’s the kind of flavor that even here some people like and some people don’t.

One common way of enjoying the aroma of this oil is with an oil burner or a diffuser, which of course is nice, but the most well-known usage here in Australia is inhaling the steam from hot water with the oil mixed in it. Eucalyptus oil has a therapeutic effect on nasal congestion and coughs caused by colds or allergies, which is why this method has been used for a long time like grandma’s cure-all. It even makes an appearance in the famous movie “Crocodile Dundee” that was set in Australia.

What to prepare:
-Eucalyptus oil
-Bowl or wash-basin
-Hot water
-Wash cloth or Hand towel (large enough to cover entire head)

Pour hot water in a bowl or a wash-basin and put a few drops of Eucalyptus oil in it. Move your face closer to the steam and cover your entire head with the wash cloth or hand towel to keep the steam from escaping. If you’re coughing, slowly inhale the steam. If you have nasal congestion, slowly inhale the steam from your nose if you’re able to breathe with your nose. You will feel refreshed from the soothing aroma of the Eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus oil is also known for its effects as a deodorant and for filtering the air. I personally use Eucalyptus oil together with water, baking soda, lemongrass and other essential oils to use as a deodorizing spray. For homes with pets, this is a safer method than a formulated chemical deodorant. Like the one in the photo, sprays made from 100% pure oil are on the market too, and are useful for direct use in the room or on shoes for deodorizing.
Also, you can completely clean off the gunk left from tape or stickers by wiping it with cotton that has been soaked with the oil. (Be aware that because it is a type of oil, it may leave a stain depending on the surface) Since there are lots of useful products originating in Australia that are casually used in daily life, I would like to introduce them from time to time.


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