• 2021.05.13
  • A Dogwalker in the Spotlight on the Gold Coast
There are still a lot of people crowding the walking trail along the beach in front of my house. With more people moving in from other states, it seems like there are more people than ever. The trail is crowded with walkers, people walking their dogs, cyclists, skateboarders, roller skaters, and among them recently, someone who stands out among the crowd. Ryan is his name, and he walks as many as 8 to 16 large dogs at a time. Ryan soon became a hot topic of conversation in the local area after he was featured on a TV program. He doesn't walk dogs as a hobby, he does it as his business. In Australia, there are dog walkers who run their own dog walking service for customers. They provide a dog walking service for dog owners who cannot take their dog for a walk. At first glance it may look like an easy job, as though you’re just taking a walk, but I think you need a certain amount of skill to be able to walk dogs that don’t know each other and are also large. If an amateur were to walk that many dogs all together, he or she would surely be pulled this way and that, dragged around as though he or she were the one being walked. But rather than being dragged around, Ryan walks at his own pace and the dogs follow along with him, such is his skill as a professional. But among the crowd of dogs, one is Ryan’s own dog, Luna, who is also the mascot dog for his business and regularly appears on his website and social media posts. You really must see these pooches walking in an incredibly well-behaved way, with Luna at the front of the bunch! Everyone stops to take a look, including me. When I did, I couldn’t help but call out and ask Ryan if I could take a photo. He had eight dogs with him that day, and when he stopped, all eight dogs stopped nicely too. They really are well trained. He also gave me his business card. I really wanted to ask a whole bunch of other questions, but I thought it wouldn’t be good to interrupt his walk by making him stop, and I'm sure the eight pooches were thinking, "Come on, let’s go!!”so I just blurted out, "Do you run a pet hotel?” which was the only question that came to me on the spot. Apparently, he doesn’t run a pet hotel, he just does dog walking and training.

A souvenir photo in front of the beach. All the dogs were really calm, they listened to what Ryan told them, and they lined up without moving until the group photos were taken. It looks as though he posts a group photo on social media every time he walks dogs.
Ryan was asked in a TV interview "Why do the dogs so closely follow the instructions of a person who is not their owner?” and replied, "It's because I have confidence and I am really passionate about dogs, I really love them.” I'm sure his love for dogs comes across to each and every one of the dogs in his care, and the dogs probably let him into their hearts.
Right now, the world record for the highest number of dogs walked by a dog walker at the same time is 36, but this guy is soon going to take on the challenge and beat that record by walking 72 dogs at the same time, double the record. I would love to write about that in another article later on.
If you like, please visit his website.

Luna Moon’s Pet Care

Going for a walk along the trail.
The leads are attached to his waist.


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