• 2015.04.30
  • Shop Until You Drop !
Hong Kong is one of the prime cities in Asia for shopping. Almost every corner of the city, there is something to buy. Whether you are into trinkets, clothes, shoes or toys, stores are constantly surrounding you while traveling around Hong Kong city. People are constantly flashing paper ads at you or trying to bring you into their store. In most stores, the service is usually very polite and quick as people are moving in and out of stores frequently.


A previous blog I mentioned mostly about toys. I’m going to be general in shopping this time. Mongkok is the one place where most visitors come by to purchase running shoes. It is absolutely a SEA of stores that are selling running shoes. I remember the first time when I visited Mongkok I couldn’t believe my eyes – there was just too much selection and ended walking away with 6 pairs of shoes! They not only have all sorts of styles of different brands but they also have very rare and hard to find styles of shoes and limited edition shoes that you probably can’t find anywhere else (Similar to Tokyo). So whatever you are into BUYING, Hong Kong has a ton of selection. If you’re into skateboarding, head to TST where all the skate shops are near “The One Shopping Mall”, also Hong Kong has several skate parks as well incase you wanted the full experience.


As mentioned in my previous blog, all the good toys and watches are in Mongkok as well. For relatively low priced women’s clothes, TST is also a great place for women and they have a wide selection. LV, Gucci and all the major brand names are pretty much everywhere in Hong Kong and can easily be found. A good one stop mall for major brands is “Pacific Place Shopping Mall”. Jewelry shopping is really scattered but there are certain areas in Hong Kong that you can find decent price diamonds. Gold is relatively standard and there are stores EVERYWHERE in Hong Kong selling gold. Actually, I think quite a lot of people visiting Hong Kong end up going home with a gold necklace or rather “something” GOLD.



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