• 2018.08.28
  • Some Homework for Mr. Manolo
In mid-June, at the start of the long two-and-a-half-month summer vacations, an Andalusian boy in the Japanese equivalent of 4th grade at elementary school shows his mother the summer vacation homework list that his home room teacher, Mr. Manolo, has handed out. She is surprised to find it lists 45 items in all. And then, amazed and impressed by what is on the list, she shares it on Facebook, which instantly sparks a massive reaction, attracting attention from TV, newspapers, and other media.

She wrote, “This is just the best gift you could have given the kids this summer. For the first time since starting school, they will have fun doing summer vacation homework and everyone will surely get a ‘Very Well Done!’”. Thank you Mr. Manolo.” Here is what was in the list.

Deberes de verano 3º C (Summer Vacation Homework – Class 3 C)

Summer Vacation Homework – Class 3 C
〇 Watch dawn breaking.
〇 Try playing a card or board game you’ve never played before.
〇 Phone or email 3 classmates.
〇 Watch a movie with your family.
〇 Make some lemonade by yourself and drink some ice-cold.
〇 Take a long look at a starry sky.
〇 Make some ice cream or popsicles.
〇 Take care of a plant.
〇 Eat some freshly picked fruit or vegetables.
〇 Stay up late one night.
〇 Jump into a pool and make as big a splash as you can.
〇 Have a picnic by the beach or in the countryside.
〇 Make a neckless or bracelet for yourself.
〇 Watch some fireworks.
〇 Go to an art museum or exhibition.
〇 Play with some water balloons.
〇 Visit a town or village you’ve never been to.
〇 Look at some clouds and imagine what their shapes look like.
〇 Enjoy some time with your friends or family.
〇 Play sport, sing, dance, play.
〇 Love yourself, believe in yourself, and take care of yourself.
〇 Dress up in disguise.
〇 Walk for a good while in bare feet.
〇 Build a famous castle out of sand.
〇 Go for a bike ride or go roller skating.
〇 Write and send a postcard.
〇 Go to the beach and collect some sea shells.
〇 Never ever drop any trash on the floor, at the beach, or in the countryside.
〇 Read 2 books and some comics.
〇 With an adult, learn how to cook something.
〇 Try a slide you’ve never been down before.
〇 Start doing something new.
〇 Eat a fruit skewer.
〇 Laugh until your cheeks hurt.
〇 Hug someone at least 3 times a day.
〇 Paint and decorate some stones.
〇 Visit the library.
〇 Write a history or an account.
〇 Learn 3 new jokes.
〇 Watch the sun setting.
〇 Build a hut or a secret hideout.
〇 Tell someone “I love you” while looking into their eyes.
〇 Fly a kite.
〇 Take care of at least 2 household chores.
〇 Make 2 new friends.

I think the kids would be going to bed every night excited, thinking “What will I do for my homework tomorrow?”

I hope you have fun on your summer vacation.


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