World OMOSIROI Award 2nd. Winner

Masahiko INAMI

Masahiko INAMI

Professor at the University of Tokyo / Guest Professor at Keio Media Design / Founder of Superhuman Sports Society

Masahiko (Masa) Inami is a Professor in the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo,Japan. His research interest is in Augmented Human, human I/O enhancement technologies including perception, HCI and robotics. He received PhD degree from the University of Tokyo in 1999. He joined the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tokyo, and in 1999, he moved to the University of Electro-Communications. In April 2008, he moved to Keio University, where he served as a Professor of the Graduate School of Media Design. In November 2015, he rejoined the University of Tokyo. His scientific achievements include the Retro-reflective Projection Technology (RPT) known as "Optical Camouflage," which was chosen as one of the coolest inventions of 2003 by /TIME/ magazine. His installations have appeared at Ars Electronica Center. He proposed and organized the Superhuman Sports Society.

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